Meet our 20-21 Launch Grant Recipients

Richard L Meyn, $1000
Alternative High School Modern Science Lab

Blue tooth enabled large screen (75 inch) smart TV.75” Y Series LED for use with the Applied Science students and Modern (Exploring) Science students.  This will improve student engagement and learning.  Students will benefit from this modern technology in the classroom as the TV can be used as a whiteboard and will make experiments easier.

Lisa Cady, $1000
Guided Reading Leveled Books and Materials

The purpose of this grant is to purchase Guided Reading leveled books and materials for student use.  Leveled reading books and materials allow students to receive instruction at their level.  Guided Reading Leveled Books are designed to be used in small-group reading instruction and independent reading practice. The leveled books recognize a wide range of reading ability in Kindergarten and in other grade levels.

Annie R Marshall, $1000
Read All About It! Expand Classroom Library with New and Diverse Books / Flexible Seating

Students will benefit from a diverse and updated classroom library for their independent reading projects and literature circles. Graphic novels, genocide memoirs, and diverse books will be utilized by my freshmen
students throughout the year and assist them in writing and giving a 10-minute speech on a genocide. My junior students will participate in literature circles reading a book by an American Indian author during the
first unit of the year. This grant would help support the enjoyment of reading in students by increasing their exposure to books in the classroom and curriculum.
I additionally more flexible seating for students, including wobble stools, flexible bands, and any other non-traditional seating to help kids stay focused on their academics and have a comfortable place to read. 

Mike Demming, $1000
NASP (National Archery in the Schools Program)

We want to provide experiences for students to enjoy Lifetime Sports. The current Curriculum has worked for several years but we are attempting to introduce new and exciting units. These new units require equipment and training. By purchasing the Standard Archery Kit, all Health Enhancement students will be given the opportunity to learn a new skill that has not been taught at Belgrade High School.

Crystal Ross, $1000
Historical Fiction/Non-Fiction Novels

This grant will allow Ms. Ross to include historical fiction/non-fiction in her U.S. History curriculum.  Students will increase  overall  comprehension of historical concepts through reading. Students will
facilitate their own sense of relevancy regarding historical concepts through reading and relatability to characters in historical novels. Students will evaluate and identify with other social, cultural, and political views.

Dana M Morgan, $1000
Purposeful Play in the Kindergarten Classroom

This grant will be used to purchase items that would develop fine motor skills, hands on manipulatives and learning games, listening center, and items to support the kindergarten curriculum.

Brianna James, $1000
Sensors for Science

The purpose of this grant project is to obtain new sensors for students to use to collect data. The collection of data in the science classroom is super important as it facilitates student learning through hands-on, inquiry activities. The analysis of the data requires students to use critical thinking and problem solving skills to determine what conclusion they can make based on their experiments. This grant will allow  students the opportunity to gather real data to make their conclusions and also will facilitate student driven questions that can be answered through their laboratory activities.

Cindy I Stone, $1000
Belgrade Rock Orchestra

Orchestra is a wonderful new opportunity for our students in Belgrade. Traditionally, Orchestra has focused on Classical Music, however we want to turn the traditional Orchestra on its head! We want to use
electric instruments to ignite a revolution in our students, our community, and the state of Montana! We will be using these electric instruments to establish Montana's first and only Rock Orchestra. Instruments will be
used by students to in our more advanced classes to perform at school concerts and community events.

Travis Volkman, 
SawStop Table Saw to Ensure Student Safety

The Belgrade Middle School will now be equipped with the legendary Sawstop Table Saw. This innovative machine has saved the hands and fingers of thousands of users. The ability to sense conductivity and to stop the blade in less than 5 Milliseconds is amazing. This great addition to our school would further enhance the safety of our students. It would ensure that student's safety is our top priority and allow for enhanced
projects with student safety in mind. It helps with ease of mind for parents allowing their child to take the class with the understanding that we have put additional safety measures in place for their student.