Meet our 19-20 Launch Grant Recipients

Congratulations to our 2019/2020

Launch Grant Recipients

Annie Aschim, Breakout EDU Boxes, $1000

Abby McCash, STEM for Kindergarten, $1000

Cindy Damjanovich, Flexible Seating/Listening Center, $1000

Michelle Anderson, STEM-Marble Runs, $1000


Michelle Anderson, $1000
STEM, Marble Runs

The STEM-Marble Runs Project is developed to foster learning in science and language arts for 2nd grade students. The students will be able to create and develop various marble runs to demonstrate knowledge of objects, In addition, the project provides opportunities for children to develop teamwork and communication skills that are necessary for success. Each student will work with a partner or in a small group to hypothesize, plan , create, and revise various marble runs. Then, the partners or small groups will share and discuss their findings with the entire class.

Abby McCash, $1000
STEM for Kindergarten

The purpose of this grant is to purchase tools that teach coding to our youngest learners by purchasing ozobots, a small robot that teaches coding. Students will use ozobots to demonstrate their understanding of the plot of the literature I teach with our ELA curriculum. Students will use ozobots to problem-solve a variety of math challenges, across all of the areas of math that are taught in Kindergarten.

Annie Aschim, $1000
Breakout EDU Boxes for Heck/Quaw

Breakout Boxes come with locks and other games that you can program and are designed to challenge students to problem solve, collaborate and use skills to unlock the box and discover what is inside. Games can be adapted to practice reading skills, math, science and other subject areas. The grant would also help purchase an access code for each teacher to digitally access breakout ideas and activities.

Cindy Damjanovich, $1000
Flexible Seating/Listening Center

Research has shown that students learn in a variety of ways, this includes the environment in which they are learning. I would like to purchase a high table with some stools, a low table with cushions or low to the floor seating. I would also like to provide for my students seats with backs that sit on the carpet so they may comfortably read. Some students like to /need to move while sitting an I would like to get them some wiggle stools. I would also like for my students to have access to a listening center. This would include a CD player with headphones. In the 1st grade it is important for students to listen to fluent reading so they may, in turn, increase their fluency.

Rachel White, $1000
Guitars for STEM Class

This grant will allow students enrolled in BHS's STEM class to be able to build their own electric guitars.